IRSA MEHR Engineering Co is a professional escalator company in Middle east that is engaged in design, manufacturing and trading of whole escalator units and parts. This company with experience of a lot of public projects such as Metro and railway stations, airports and other commercial centers beside beneficial of educated youth human resource in aerospace, mechanical and electrical engineering has cooperated with mighty escalator factory. Our aim is to upgrade and improve escalator technology and services in the west of Asia.   


A lot of escalator in the world with the best quality and brands are manufactured in China that exported all over the world. Among the best factories we searched, discussed and visited so many high ability production line factories that at last accordance to stylish design, quality in products, high capacity of production lines, new automation in manufacturing and  meticulous inspection we agreed with ZHEJIANG MEILUN ELEVATOR CO,LTD to produce escalators with IRSA authority over technical specifications and inspections. In fact, now a lot of Asian and European brands manufacture their products in this factory as OEM and also some parts are made for famous brands. 

Escalator handrail and spares

After sales services as a major point to choose one brand is important for every industrial production. In this situation customers can reliance on escalators over its lifetime. IRSA handrail as a major spare in escalator with high dimension precision and best materials manufactured in a variety sizes and models, also we can provide all famous handrail world- famous brands such as EHC and SEMPERIT.

Every other original spares for every escalator brands provided with best quality in suitable time and services. 

Escalator Cladding

Every year a lot of heavy duty escalators are manufactured and installed in metro stations, without escalators people transportation in metro stations is unbelievable. Escalator cladding or enclosure is a part of escalator that usually produced with stainless steel in public projects. In metro project often escalator cladding is produced by escalator factory that after installation it doesn’t match with architectural design of station. IRSA MEHR produces a lot of heavy duty escalators in Iran Metro stations and all of production cane be deliver to customer before escalator physically installation.  As we consider some famous metro stations typically in the world all of them used old method for cladding and it is A NEW INVENTION IN THE WORLD.